Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Booked flights, going away parties and saying goodbye

I know this is crazy, but I am more nervous about travelling for a few months, then i was 5 years ago when i travelled for a year. Im not sure why I have all the nerves, but I actually have butterflies in my stomach.
 I have alot of envious friends and coworkers who say they wish they could do what I am doing but I cant help to think that I am maybe being a little irresponsible with the money I saved.
Now, money isnt everything, especially a measly 14, 000. But in the back of my mind I wonder is i should put  that money towards my education instead of working on my tan. But then i remind myself that I saved that kind of money is a short 7 months, and I could always do it again, Perhaps on his trip, ill figure out what i want out of life specifically a career and apply to schools in Canada and overseas.. Im always up for a new adventure.
 I am no longer working for OLG April 5th was my last day,I had a little going away party and i was happy with the turnout of OLG employees thaat came to say goodbye.. Thanks guys!!!! Now the only lose ends I have in Canada, are figuring out what to do with my car, last needles of the Twin Rx vaccination and a very loose itinerary of travel. Oh and maybe a new piece of luggage. My flight is booked for May 11th, which gives me roughly 3 weeks before takeoff.
I have made some great friendships and relationships with alot of people this year and I find it hard to say goodbye to the ones i have made the closest relationships with. But I am leaving for a short amount of time and i'll be back before you know it. For everyone else, I am having a keg party at Kal and my place on April 6th.... Its going to be lots of food and booze but 20 dollars at the door, proceeds going to me of course... :)

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  1. a keg party on april 6th.....that was 14 days ago. are you sure you didn't mean may 6th?