Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Quitting jobs, and getting ready to travel. A month to go!

Okay, so this is my first blog i have ever written, and i better get use to it, because i am going to be very candid about what happens when a cute, canadian blonde travels overseas by herself.
Now, for people who already know me, they know that 5 years ago i travelled by myself for 9 months before Kristin came and met me and we travelled together for 2 months. I had the time of my life, and some crazy, exciting shit happened then, but my diary got all the juicy details. This time... its for anyone who wants to give it a read. Its the beginning of April in 2 days. I have been busy quitting my job at OLG, having dentist, optometrist and doctors appointmnets galore, before i give up my benefits.. What the plan was with this travel, was to get a job on a cruise ship, which I already had an interview and have one tomorrow too, so I can work and travel. I obviously havent heard anything back yet, so plan B may still be in order. Uncle Don, has 2 homes in thailand, so plan B is to fly to Thailand, stay for a month or so, then off to Europe, where i have always wanted to see Spain, Italy, etc... etc... wouldnt mind going to the Love parade in Germany in june either. I have saved 12, 000 dollars since September, and i am hoping this money will take care of me to at least this September, and maybe even come home with a few bucks, to sort myself out!
This is the plan. Im hoping to get on a cruise ship, so I can save the 12,000 and make a hell of a lot more.. and come home with a crazy down payment for a house or something, but i am just waiting to hear from someone.... i hate waiting, very impatient! i just want to get the hell out of Dodge and start my life again... Im ready for you world, but are you ready for me!!!!